Inspired by personal experiences of growing up in the Mississippi Delta during the pinnacle of rock, blues and folk music...
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Billy Jeter

Billy was born in the Mississippi Delta in 1955 and was exposed to a potpourri of different music. Growing up with Rock n Roll and surrounded by the Delta Blues helped forge a music base that started broad and is getting broader. He's been influenced by the Ozark and Rocky Mountain vibrant music community with a touch of Irish folk influence seeping in. It conforms perfectly to Bluegrass and folk music of today. You can see that in "Ozark Jane" and " Lonesome Road Blues". Both songs are a high energy reminder of fiddle tunes of days gone by.

The most important thing you will find is the unending fight to make the world we live in a better place for the next generation. Clean water, air and public access to America's national treasures are reflected in Rainy Day. It is a long-term fight where we will give no quarter. The strength of the characters written about on the debut album shows that storytelling will always be in the forefront.

Although late to songwriting, the cast of characters of the region have been a fertile ground for story telling. That talent has now been brought to a new singer songwriter.

... Add to that a life lived in and around the Rocky Mountains and the Ozark Mountains and you have a true melting pot of America’s root music.

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Billy Jeter Parkstone and Friends

Recording done at Fellowship Hall Sound in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Graphics by Isaac Alexander.

Produced  and Mixed by Jason Weinheimer

Musicians: Billy Jeter, Missy Harris, Marvin Schwartz, Alan Alverson, Ted William, Ellen Stern, Cherise Martini, Sonja Williams, Jeff Johnson, Lyle Dent, Greg Spradlin, Dave Hoffpauir, Jason Weinheimer, Ray Dardenne and Susan Jeter.